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Muliono Salimin


Commitment and dedication toward product and services of Citra Sejati, is our basic philosophy which necessitate for all management and employee. Our gratitude to serve our customer for more than 21 years’ experience, the customer contributions and advices are our company main growth and success.

Zendy Tan


Standardization and Quality material are our measurement to manufacture the High quality and competitive product’s. Our customer satisfaction is our main priority in development and growth of company advancing. Responsibility and a reliable customer partner’s is a must to be frontier and evolve.

Andy Tan

Deputy Director

Our Vision

To be a leading company which contribute towards economy in Indonesia.

Our Mission

  • Manufacture a safety and quality product as our customer requirements with competitive price.
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction by providing the best service and principal.
  • Lead in innovation, quality and process efficiency.
  • Balance the growth, profit and quality improvement.
  • Social responsibility and eco-friendly.