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Advantages of Our Product

Assured Quality Control

Passed a QC standard from the raw material until finished product with various test applied.

Genuine Leather

Only fine genuine leather with standardized and qualified material.


Guarantee for durability and quality product matched on field condition.

Standar Nasional Indonesia

Indonesian Certified Product: quality material and pulling test.

100% Indonesia

All process is made in Indonesia, using talented and skill professional shoe maker.

Customized Product

We make your special requirement based on customer needs.

Design Concept of Safety Shoes

Designed specifically to emphasize comfort without reducing the function as a foot protector at the extreme field. Top quality materials for durability and stylist.

Fashion Shoes

Simple, durable and comfort are the core of our design product. We learn from our customer satisfaction of simplicity and durability needs.

We Are Manufacturer

We are manufacturer of shoes and sandals, using the qualified material and machinery to produce a best product in hand of our talented shoe maker. Each process step was handled by experienced person. Kindly view our virtual Plant Tour with single click.


Every brand is categorized by market needs and segmentation.