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Data Registration for SPECIAL PRICE :
Register your personal / company id to get special price in mass purchase. Please click this link  SPECIAL PRICE
Distributor :
We are proud to welcome your company/ person with has a local business place and sales networking. You must have concept of partnership and oriented toward customer satisfaction. For further information about terms and condition kindly notify us at [email protected]
Direct Company User:
We are eager to serve you with our finest product and services, with reasonable price which suit towards your budget and requirement. We are delighted to process your inquiry to [email protected] or [email protected]
Direct Customer:
Kindly visit our online store for product specification and price. We are delivery our finest product to your doorstep with a single click.



Jakarta Office

Jl. Sunter Mas Barat 1 Blok A No. 21B

Jakarta Utara 14360


(Raja Sepatu Kulit Store)

Telp: +62-21 2961 4877

HP: +628 788 372 6334

[email protected]

Salatiga Office

Jl. Pemotongan No. 25

Salatiga 50724


(Toko Sepatu Andi)

Telp: +62-298 324 494

Fax: +62-298 327 403

[email protected]

Plant Office

Jl. Kranggan permai blok D no.1 

Mojokerto 61321


(CV Citra Sejati – by appointment)

Telp: +628 788 372 6334

[email protected]